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Deborah Ann has lived a good life. her son is a renowned doctor, her daughter is a middle school teacher and her husband, a humble librarian, is now the grave. After many loveless years, she has begun to embrace herself, her sexuality and body. Though she wishes she had done so sooner, she is happy to be free to experiment— well, at least after they get the clap under control at her retirement home. She also wanted me to add, that if you ever need condoms, you can always talk to her and get them free of judgment and cost.

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Deborah Ann (Installation View), 2020

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Clifford “Wheel” McGenten is a man who once wore nothing but platform boots, but now seldom leaves the house in anything but his knock-off crocs. He enjoys spending his days in the garden, especially now that his Harley Davidson is defunct (broken gasket or some shit, he says). While he worked as a backup vocalist and sideman for Def Leppard, he learned a lot about himself and the world. He enjoys telling these stories to his plants to help them grow too. Every once and a while, a nearby neighbor, Linda, will drop by for an hour or so and leave promptly after.


Clifford (Wheel) McGenten, 2020

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