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Paradise Lakes, Installation, 2023


Cardboard, Textile, Human Hair, Urine, Feline Feces, Construction Paper, Paper 

Mache, Hot Glue, Yard, Googly Eyes, Safety Pins, Wigs, Ink, Acrylic Paint, Video, CRTV

CAM_Glass Teeth JPEG.jpg
CAM_Glass Teeth Wide JPEG_edited.jpg


We'd Be Lucky To Die With All Our Glass Teeth, Installation, 2023


Cardboard, Acrylic Paint, Motor, Foam, Paper Mache, Paper Towel, Newsprint, 

Guitar Amp, Feathers, Contact Mic, Balloons, Textile, Hot Glue, Aluminum, Human Hair



Take Back What's Yours Momma, Installation, 2021

Plexiglass Box, Live Plants, Paper Mache, UV Lights, Projected Video, Acrylic Paint,Water



Diva's Volition, Installation, 2021

Video, CRTVs, Mannequin Parts, Textile, Handheld Camcorder, Sound, Lighting

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